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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just For The Record

My prediction of the final ticket (made before SC, blogged today)
McCain Huckabee
Obama Richardson (I Hope)
Clinton Harold Ford Jr.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Heart Beat

In about as long as it takes to get a passport my wife is going to have a baby.
I'm going to be a dad.
Duty sublime and mighty name...
My friend Chris and I talked about this yesterday. The amount of stuff I don't know, that dad's are supposed to, is just chilling.
I found out just yesterday that I prefer a stiffer toothbrush, I don't like white reeboks, I don't know knots, I forgot to shave on Satruday, sometimes I end business conversations "cool man" and occasionally I'll say dog referring to people. I don't care if it's ironic...dad's don't do irony.
I kind of hate golf. I don't know any dad jokes. I don't know magic tricks. I told a toddler to "man up" the other day.
And it's a little girl.
I don't know anyting about little girls. My wife has a color wheel that I'm practicing with to learn matching colors (I just know that my ties match with my shirts), but I just know that Anna will be pink and warm with large eyes and will mostly smell like soap.
I'm going to have glitter put in my hair. She'll throw up on me. She'll have a favorite story that I read best. I'll probably have a nickname for her, and I'll still use it to her embarassment when she's 15, and it will make her smile when she's 25 and I'm 53 and think of myself as young and she thinks of me as old.
It's incredible.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I want to punch Bill Clinton.
I know lots of people (my fairly liberal parents included) found the Clinton's to be spooky sleazeballs.
I get it.
In the past week one Clinton or the other has said of Obama:
--Obama worked for a slum lord (Not really, his firm worked for a guy as part of a community construction project, Obama billed 5 hours, and it wasn't until much later that there were allegations that he was a "slum lord."
--Obama praised Reagan & republicans as being the ones with all the good ideas--Not really, he gave an accurate civics lesson on developing a functional majority through crossover appeal
--Obama said that he agreed with Bush about the war in Iraq--No, Obama said in 2004 that it was now our responsibility to move towards an effective resolution of the war with the minimum loss of life. This is more akin to Powell's "you break it you buy it" line, but Clinton is lying and saying it's tantamount to wholesale support of the war.
This is to say nothing of the robo-calls about "Barack Hussein Obama" or the ridiculous crap about Obama's drug use when in college (pot. kettle. black.) It makes me want to throw a chair.
I think Obama would be a pretty good president. Not as good as McCain, not as good as he could be if he waited and gained some national experience, but good. That's not what pisses me off, what pisses me off is that the former President of the United States goes on tv with the full force of his job title and as the leader of the party and lies to score cheap political points.
It's absolutely disgusting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney is a DB

Mitt Romney is a temendous tool.
He won Michigan primaries partly by being a native son, but mostly by pandering to the auto industry for which fundamental transformation is required if there is to be any legitimate job creation.
There's a fair debate over whether globalization is a net positive for states like Michigan ("Yes" it is but there should be sound public policy moves to retrain displaced workers and an improvement of capital access to middle small businesses which drive entrepeneurial growth. That said, wherever you fall in that debate saying that "hard work" will bring blue collar auto jobs to detroit (or textile jobs to SC) is lying.
Also--why the hell do we think Hillary Clinton should be president? I actually think she's a neat lady. I'm about to have a daughter and when I do I want her to grow up in a world hedged in only by her dreams, so yay, go lady president. But why Hillary Clinton? Without trying too hard I can think of a half dozen compelling women with legitimate executive experience that would be great at President. I really don't understand what makes us think Mrs. Clinton would be good at that job. Even if she is qualified, I think we should expect her to provide concrete examples of her qualifications. I'm experienced...trust me is a ridiculous argument. Show me an actual record of affecting change at the highest level you've played at...then we'll talk.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

John Edwards

Sounds very much like Kenneth on 30 Rock.
Close your eyes and listen.