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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I want to punch Bill Clinton.
I know lots of people (my fairly liberal parents included) found the Clinton's to be spooky sleazeballs.
I get it.
In the past week one Clinton or the other has said of Obama:
--Obama worked for a slum lord (Not really, his firm worked for a guy as part of a community construction project, Obama billed 5 hours, and it wasn't until much later that there were allegations that he was a "slum lord."
--Obama praised Reagan & republicans as being the ones with all the good ideas--Not really, he gave an accurate civics lesson on developing a functional majority through crossover appeal
--Obama said that he agreed with Bush about the war in Iraq--No, Obama said in 2004 that it was now our responsibility to move towards an effective resolution of the war with the minimum loss of life. This is more akin to Powell's "you break it you buy it" line, but Clinton is lying and saying it's tantamount to wholesale support of the war.
This is to say nothing of the robo-calls about "Barack Hussein Obama" or the ridiculous crap about Obama's drug use when in college (pot. kettle. black.) It makes me want to throw a chair.
I think Obama would be a pretty good president. Not as good as McCain, not as good as he could be if he waited and gained some national experience, but good. That's not what pisses me off, what pisses me off is that the former President of the United States goes on tv with the full force of his job title and as the leader of the party and lies to score cheap political points.
It's absolutely disgusting.


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