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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney is a DB

Mitt Romney is a temendous tool.
He won Michigan primaries partly by being a native son, but mostly by pandering to the auto industry for which fundamental transformation is required if there is to be any legitimate job creation.
There's a fair debate over whether globalization is a net positive for states like Michigan ("Yes" it is but there should be sound public policy moves to retrain displaced workers and an improvement of capital access to middle small businesses which drive entrepeneurial growth. That said, wherever you fall in that debate saying that "hard work" will bring blue collar auto jobs to detroit (or textile jobs to SC) is lying.
Also--why the hell do we think Hillary Clinton should be president? I actually think she's a neat lady. I'm about to have a daughter and when I do I want her to grow up in a world hedged in only by her dreams, so yay, go lady president. But why Hillary Clinton? Without trying too hard I can think of a half dozen compelling women with legitimate executive experience that would be great at President. I really don't understand what makes us think Mrs. Clinton would be good at that job. Even if she is qualified, I think we should expect her to provide concrete examples of her qualifications. I'm me is a ridiculous argument. Show me an actual record of affecting change at the highest level you've played at...then we'll talk.


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