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Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Not Complaining...But

I'm taking two minutes to vent.
Every parent in the world who has ever complained about playing time for their kid begins like this:
"I'm not usually one to complain (false) and I'm not even really complaining now (false) I'm just trying to understand (false) why little Billy isn't playing even though he works so hard (false) and is always at home practicing (false) and really should have a chance to play."

If you're a parent, don't do that. Say this:
Coach, I really love my kid and I think you're missing something. He's a bit behind but more experience will help him. What can we as parents do to help him get better, and are there any ways you can get him on the field to build more comfort and field IQ?"
The latter is honest and proactive, the former is just annoying.

Very few coaches are holding a grudge, and almost every coach rewards hard work with playing time. I wasn't good at football, but literally played every position but quarterback and tight end (tall positions) in High School because coaches wanted to put me on the field.


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