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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Penny for the Old Guy

I've got friends who are investing themselves beautifully, and in beautiful things.
I've got other friends who press forward through monotony, say "boy I'm stuffed" and move forward hollowly through winter in Ohio.
I heard a sermon once drawing a comparison between the full bodied Christian life and surfing. Those living with passion were the white water people, and they were fundamentally different than "Legions of the unjazzed" who splash and play in the low, safe water and lack the courage and passion to commit their life to the adventure and danger of deep water.
I'm afraid of water at night.
I'm changing.
My dad was an engineer, my mentors have always been bullet-point guys. Propositional truth was what counted.
But I'm not so sure that's right. Knowing about something does not fuel transformation of life like truly knowing something. Conocer kicks the crap out of saber any day of the week. Passionate, full bodied, white water kind of lives resonate, and give hope, and give life.
It's trickier than that in real life, do we sound our Barbaric yawp, pin our ears back, and live loud lives only to ride back (but not the 600). To loudly say nothing? Proposition matters.
I feel like I'm standing too close to a Seurat and the colors haven't taken shape yet. But this is an exciting time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jesus, yes.

You are something good. This is something good.

I love where you are. I'm amazed.

I want more. This is beautiful.

I don't know what white-water life looks like. I don't like the metaphor. Religion is not adventure, and church is not skydiving. But passion is powerful, and the Question, passionately asked, is powerful. The answer, I'm assuming, even more so.

Stare on at your Seurat. Part of me hopes the shapes don't come. But part of me hopes they do, and that you'll describe them.

I love this post.


12:38 PM  
Blogger Keith W said...

OK ryan, ... it's time that we stop calling each other over the phone and just carve out some time to hang out.... brainstorm,.... share life,.... yade yade yade...


4:33 AM  

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