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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A book about wine

I once read a small book about wine.
It was something like they sell at the bookstore below the Playboy and Maxim and Better Homes and Gardens on the rack--above The Economist.

The book told me the definition of words and places like Merlot and sommelier and which kind of corkscrew to buy.
I bought it because it let me say that I knew the definition of Merlot and sommelier; I bought it to give advice on the corkscrew that was tested
10,000 times with no fail.

I don't care very much about the book. It's useful. What I really care about is that wine is delicious, and I use a Wal Mart cork screw and drink wine with my wife and she looks pretty and laughs softly and mispronounces Riesling (or maybe I do in my head).

The reason the books facts are interesting to me is because they are excerpts of the experience. My mentor used to say that what mattered was propositional truth (2 + 2; Romans 8:31; Newton's 2nd Law of Thermodynamics; how to execute the West Coast offense) and that experiential truth was less valid. I think maybe he was wrong. The thing that stirs my heart to fight or love or work or pray is experiential truth.

On another note--check out
He wrote a thing about vulnerability (A Public Life) that I think rocks.
For people who read my blog first, disregard the comment I post to him. I'm over the moon about this guy's potential as a thinker and I hold him to an unfairly high standard. Read what he has to say.


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