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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ned Lamont

I saw an interview with Connectict Senatorial Hopeful Ned Lamont. He's going head to head with Joe Liberman because he thinks that Lieberman is enabling President Bush, and he saw a chance to paint Lieberman as the cuddle buddy of the right pretty clearly when Bush gave Lieberman the awkard Mafia kiss at the state of the union.
Personally I kind of like Joe Lieberman because he's devout and moderate. I disagree with his stance on the war, but I've said the same thing about the war for four years and disagreed with him for all four. Anyway, I'm more interested in Ned Lamont. The other thing is he wants to be President in eight years.
He made a comment today that was silly. He was talking about being an entrepeneur and said, "I built a company by myself from nothing."
Blow me.
Apparently in Ned Lamont's world nothing includes $90 million plus inheritance from his former-JP-Morgan-headman grandfather.
I think this bugs me on a personal level because I really did have nothing when we started in business, but I also don't like how cravenly disingenuous it is to claim that he bootstrapped it.
The other annoying thing is that we live in the Wiki world, where quotes like that can become chronicled digitally within seconds, becoming something kind of like fact, and then become a process story.
What an idiot.


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