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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sliding from the Crease

My lacrosse team has a new slide system this year in which we essentially drive a man to a spot and then double the guy or bring help if we're beat.
The concept is real simple--if we're going to get beat, lose to a place where we maintain numerical advantage.
In other words, lose to where we can win.
There's something to that in other arenas as well.
In finance modern portfolio theory essentially focuses on fairly allocating statistical risk across one's financial portfolio so that the risk-reward trade off meshes with the financial needs of the person or firm.
This crosse over from the world of investments into the world of corporate finance and influences how business people make decisions.
This is a much better and more rigorous approach than "Hey what the hell" but it misses something big.
Failure is not binary. It's not a simple W or L.
The question isn't just "did you blow it" but "which way did you fall after you did."
Don't get me wrong--there are no moral victories. You win or you lose and that's how we roll, but there are probably times when the right mistake is better than the wrong win.
I'll flesh this out a bit more after I give it some thought.


Blogger Justin said...

Your post may very well have been very, very brilliant.

But...I wouldn't know, because I was too busy giggling like a twelve-year-old boy at the title.

I mean, I read the whole thing. But the only part I remembered when I got done was the title.

Aaaaah, that was a good laugh.

Oh wait, I'm still giggling.

I'll keep posted.


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