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Friday, February 17, 2006

The King of Tonga Loves Lacrosse

I have a company that does water.
In a little while we're doing a cool thing with a robot, but mostly I ask people for things, write reports about water, and thank people for things.

But today I got the most interesting email I've ever received.
It seems that the King of Tonga, everyone's favorite South Pacific Island nation and the home of a refueling spot for Australia-America flights, fell in love with the game of Lacrosse.
He feels as if it teaches character and honor and he wants to develop the team.
They are looking for experienced High School lacrosse coaches to do one year stints teaching young Tongan nationals how to play lacrosse.
Thus the email.
The compensation isn't what I'd call great ($2,500 annually plus healthcare and room and board) but you do get to use Taufa'auhu Tupou IV (The King of Tonga) as a reference.
Tell me that wouldn't be a sweet gig.
Now if I can just get my wife on board...


Blogger Justin said...


I have no idea where Tonga is, save for your brief description of it being an island in the South Pacific. However, here's a little rule...when some king of another country asks you to come work for say "YES." Also...Ray...if someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES."

How freaking cool is that? Teaching LaCrosse to little Tongans, or Tonganites, or Tonganiacs, or whatever they might be called in Tonga, sounds really really cool.

The other things is, my guess is that $2,500 in Tonga is quite a bit different than $2,500 here. Imagine that they pay you that salary, and you kick in a measly $2,500 of your might actually be the richest man in Tonga, and you will have the experience of many lifetimes, an unimaginably cool resume builder, and a chance to drink the magic Tongan hallucinogenic tonic that they give to all of their American lacrosse coaches every night over dinner. All this for $2,500, and a year's opportunity cost.

I love it. Learn more, but it sounds like a winner of a winner.


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