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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


To warn you in advance: this isn't profound.
I love winning. I love it. I love closing a deal, winning a lacrosse game I'm coaching or playing in, leading a transition and having it work. I'm nuts about it. I love winning video games. I'm volunteering with the kids at my church. We played the game "Scattergories." I wanted to win. Winning is great.

I hate losing. It sucks. There are no moral victories for me. Losing is losing. Failing to hit a target with my company. Missing a shot. Having one of my guys unhappy. Losing board games. Losing Foosball to my wife. I hate losing. I hate it.

Here's the thing. These things I've just noted make me better at stuff. I win more and lose less, and so do my lacrosse team and my company. The problem is this--I'm not entirely sure God cares. Really. And I don't just mean "God doesn't care who wins" or "God doesn't love you because of your performance."
I'm saying I'm not sure if my planet sized competitive streak are Christ like.
I've told myself they are. But I just don't know.
I welcome input.


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