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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Microlevel Entrepeneurship

Just out of college I wrote a book/curriculum called The Agincourt Project. The concept of Agincourt was to develop a series of learning activies that allowed gifted High School students to enact change on a targeted area. Often the programs would piggy back off of a USAID or NGO effort to reach people. Most of the projects seeked to create both connectivity and to support microentrepeneurship in a way that allowed kids to learn more about themselves, the developing nation, and the underlying social or economic principle.
Agincourt was three things:
1. A neat idea.
2. A piece of clever if incomplete scholarship.
3. Written by a guy who at the time had no experience in the rigors of execution.
Because of item 3 it hasn't really changed that many lives, a fact that I lose sleep over.
Someone else is doing something similar in practice, if not in concept. I haven't assessed their program as well as I will but the concept is to connect anyone with a Paypal account with a specific entrepeneur in a developing nation. THIS was the gap I couldn't fill. At the time I could get to the concept of why microlevel entrepeneurship was a great way to teach High School kids about pretty much everything. The problem was that establshing the transaction was more than could reasonably be asked of a High School teacher.
Go to their site and learn more.


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