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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Donald Miller

Donald Miller is much smarter than me. Lots of what I say that people think is smart is actually just stuff I've stolen from him. He's kind of the Christian Author du jour right now (a la John Eldredge a few weeks ago, Lee Strobel the week before that, and so on). The thing is, there's some real wisdom to crowds on this one.
I just read "Searching for God Knows What." Awesome.
The fundamental premise of the book is that the Gospel of Jesus was written as relational truth (I love my wife), and we've screwed it up and treated it merely as propositional truth (Avogadro's number). For example, the Gospel of Jesus is about relationship. We say this, but when we look at the Gospel as presented in lots of churches what we say is more about a formula and less about Jesus.
I could expound upon this, but I'd just be adding words. I really think you should read the book.


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