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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interesting Post

A guy who knows some people who I know wrote a thing.
He's going to go and try to be Jesus in a strip club.
It's the kind of thing that you read about and that other people do.
I like it because it's ballsy.
Check it out here.
It's also woth checking out a comment by a lady named Grace.
Here's a link to the thing.
I don't know if he should do this. I think I'd have trouble having pretty, naked girls bring me drinks and still think about Jesus. That's a good argument for me not doing this. That might even be a good argument for ONE not doing this. It's not much of an argument for this guy Steve not doing it.
In either case, even if this guy is doing the wrong thing, you gotta love the way he's doing it. One of my favorite philosophers is a Christian Existentialist named Soren Kierkegaard. He wrote once that it is by the absence of passion that men will die.
I love the idea of passionate Christians. I love the idea of a group of Christians who aren't tepid and pusilanamous. I love the idea of a passionate, full bodied, bold, Christian existence. I love the idea of our offices littered with dry wall and the us shaped holes in the wall as we run after hope and justice and truth.
I don't know much about the guy whose going to be sitting in this bar but me and Soren are cheering.


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