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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something is Missing

Our creative team is working on a supplement to an upcoming Sermon series: Something's Missing. The point of the series is this:
“We are the wealthiest, best resourced nation in the history of the world, our freaking pets are fat. We’ve got books on how to be rich, thin, successful, have great kids, great jobs, great sex, and great big bank accounts. These books are best sellers. Yet most Americans will say they have a profound sense that at the end of the day something’s missing. From there we'll identify some possible causes of this longing for the transcendent.

With this in mind I'm riffing on the sermon topic.
The last time I can really remember feeling like something important was missing from my life was a long business trip away from Shann. I did the same stuff I would, but was somehow less than...
I felt like Mega-Man when he was blinking.
It sucked.

Sometimes I dream that my dad's still alive and able to give me advice...mostly on work but also on other things. My subconscious, I suppose, is responding to something that my waking mind avoids. I can't say that I feel adrift, but there are definitely times when I wish there was more guidance and someone built into my corner.

The weird thing is that I have built in hope. This is why for me the idea of trying to do work, marriage, sex, friendship, or really anything...without God...would be a heavy existential burden.

That's why I care deeply that God responds directly to the missing pieces of our life.

Since I'm supposed to help teach a lesson responding to "Something is missing" I'd love the thoughts of others on this topic...
When have you experienced something missing in your life. Define the qualitative experince.
What fundamental rules do you go by for work, friendship, sex, personal finance, etc.?
If you think Christianity is crap (or misguided) what is your source for hope. I don't need a lame straw man--there are lots of smart people who I dearly love who don't find hope in God--where do you find it?

I'd love to hear input on this.


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