Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Always in a Season

Bill Hybels has a book I really like called Axiom. Basically, it's a series of simple pieces of leadership wisdom with Hybel's reflections. Some of them are practical concepts, "First Tested" or "Make the Big Ask" or whatever. One that has really been resonating with me recently is "You're Always in a Season." Right now my family, my house, my church, my volunteer roles, everything are changing. I'm not digging iron ore out of mines or taking hills, so it's not really had in any real sense, but it's pretty tiring. And during this, it is significant to remember that this is a season. Right now is a season of growth, and it won't be here forever, so it only makes sense to seize it. And at some point there will be another season with its own challenges. That's all.