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Friday, April 03, 2009

10 Year Anniversary

Lots of people have asked me my thoughts on the coming 10 year anniversary of the tornado that killed my parents.
I wrote this in response, it's being read at a thing on Sunday. I'm posting it here because it might speak to some people who read this blog.


As we're approaching the ten year anniversary of the tornado I'm reminded of the fundamental goodness of our community. In a hundred ways that I saw, and a thousand ways I don't even know about, the community came together to rebuild.

Even today I learn of new stories of people acting boldly, even heroically--the business owner who paid for families to live in
temporary housing, the churches that did all they could, the people who rushed into damaged houses because maybe there was someone in there who they could help.

I look back on April 9th 1999 with (of course) a deep sadness, but also with a profound hope about what it means when a community joins hands and moves. Life has moved on for me. I have a business, a wife, a beautiful daughter, but I know that for me personally, and in a broader sense the community at large--things would be much darker if some people didn't wake up ten years ago Thursday and decide to be great.