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Monday, January 28, 2008

Heart Beat

In about as long as it takes to get a passport my wife is going to have a baby.
I'm going to be a dad.
Duty sublime and mighty name...
My friend Chris and I talked about this yesterday. The amount of stuff I don't know, that dad's are supposed to, is just chilling.
I found out just yesterday that I prefer a stiffer toothbrush, I don't like white reeboks, I don't know knots, I forgot to shave on Satruday, sometimes I end business conversations "cool man" and occasionally I'll say dog referring to people. I don't care if it's's don't do irony.
I kind of hate golf. I don't know any dad jokes. I don't know magic tricks. I told a toddler to "man up" the other day.
And it's a little girl.
I don't know anyting about little girls. My wife has a color wheel that I'm practicing with to learn matching colors (I just know that my ties match with my shirts), but I just know that Anna will be pink and warm with large eyes and will mostly smell like soap.
I'm going to have glitter put in my hair. She'll throw up on me. She'll have a favorite story that I read best. I'll probably have a nickname for her, and I'll still use it to her embarassment when she's 15, and it will make her smile when she's 25 and I'm 53 and think of myself as young and she thinks of me as old.
It's incredible.


Blogger Lauren, Todd, Therese (Reese), and Julie said...

Congratulations, Cook! Those little girls can really change your life - just ask Todd. I think he lives to make her laugh. Our little Therese ( is already learning to walk. Crazy...

-Lauren W.

7:10 AM  

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