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Monday, January 26, 2009


I was in the car today so I was unusually plugged in to politics.

Obama Today:
Geithner: OK. Tax stuff is annoying but he seems smart. Wanting the job means he's either brave or stupid.

California Emission Standards: I'm torn. Federalism is good. Local higher standards fuel innovation in NY and CA that informs national and international markets. On the other hand we have a similar issue--different standards in different regions or states--in some provisions of the Clean Water Act. It's hard as an entrepeneur, particularly if you are in an industry of a scope where economies of scale matter.

Updating Spectrum Policy: I don't really understand that much but smart people seem happy about it. This seems like an area where coordination and efficiency should win the day, the kind of wonky stuff that Obama could make as the poster boy for some of his "efficiency" stuff.

Overall fuel efficiency standards: Good. High standards require smart, creative people. This is the competitive advantage of our nation.

Actual Stimulus Package: Stupid. I haven't read the whole thing but condoms and national mall at 1/2 billion are just dumb strategy.


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