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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good To Great to Bad

I sat down with our banker today and after a walk through of our processes I was picking his brain on practical improvements he'd seen in other clients.
One thing he mentioned was that he was a big fan of the book "Good to Great."
The book was written about ten years ago, and because of that it suffers from the "In Search of Excellence" curse--someone has a theory, projects that onto your business, the macro-economy changes or your management leaves or you start to suck or something and now you're in trouble.
The thing is that I'm not so sure it's fair to judge the book based on the future success of the companies profiled. Theoretically if whatever principles make a company excellent or great or whatever nice word is in the title REALLY worked the companies would still be doing well. I'd be interested in a continuation of the longitudinal study after the book was published.
On another thing I'm not drinking coffee tomorrow.


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