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Monday, December 08, 2008

The Wizdum of Crowds

Me and google have been tight for a while.
It was there for me early in college when I used it to try and outpace other students on lycos and dogpile (suckers!)
It was there for me late in college when I began using it as a verb.
It was even with me as I was building my company and learning from their growth and management struggles.
It's with me with adwords, blogger, google apps.
Our deal is this know everything about; don't be evil.
But part of my implicit contract with google is in jeopardy.
Now there's wiki search within google and I hate it.
Google was supposed to be based on some brilliant algorithms indistinguishable from sheer magic by the likes of unwashed me .
The idea that my input (even aggregated across a massive network) could factors into google search (it doesn't yet, but I think it will) is simply not the deal me and google have.


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