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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I Write About Politics

I've had some friends push me on writing about politics.
The question is basically this--you are most interested in faith, your family, and your company isn't it a ______________ to write about politics.
The blank is alternatively filled with:
1. Waste of time.
2. Threat to ministry.
3. Potential conflict of interest on certain projects.
Each of these arguments has merit.
To point 1, yeah but writing is fun.
To point 2, yeah but it shouldn't be, God is not a democrat or a republican and helping my Christian friends think more thoroughly about faith in the public square is a net positive.
To point 3, absolutely which is why I hardly ever write about environmental or energy policy.
These speak to the concerns, but there's one big reason I write about politics; I have a politically diverse group of friends, lots of them love god and people, lots of them are smart and hard working, and that's the club I want thinking about policy.
That's all.
Incidentally, if you can find one pick up a transcript of McCain's recent stump speech. There's some red meat that I think is crap, but there is also one of the most beautiful calls to action I've ever heard. Beautiful, well crafted writing.


Blogger Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Ryan, I have the same problem/propensity as you write about here. I just love to write, debate, and talk about politics.

One of my mentors, who you happen to know (Evan), pretty much refuses to talk politics. It's not because he doesn't have political opinions. Rather, he is afraid that he might turn some people off (like all political conversations can do), and if his higher goal is to lead souls to Jesus, then he can't afford to turn people off.

This make sense to me, but I am not yet able to do it. Maybe someday.

7:27 AM  

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