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Saturday, October 04, 2008

John McCain and Cats

When I was in college I didn't care about politics. I felt as if the most important focus for Christians was the spiritual transformation of our friends, to the total exclusion of interest in political life. I don't believe that now.
Four things changed (These aren't in chronological order):
1. I took a class on Social Justice taught by Father Fitz at UD. This was the first time I considered the notion of structural sin.
2. I did an internship that became a job looking at Predatory lending. This was 2002, long before Predatory lending became a topic on the news at all, but it lent credence to the notion of structural sin.
3. 9-11
4. John McCain's maverick run for the Presidency in 2000.
I loved McCain, he spoke truth, he was candid, he was a little bit rough, he was what I felt like great leaders should be.
Watching McCain run this campaign makes me sad. It's like when you saw a beautiful girl across the room, and you start talking, and she can't stop about how much she loves her 8 cats.


Blogger SHANNA said...

those are all great eye openers, but on the other hand, do you really want obama in office? i personally like the vice presidential candidates much better than the presidential candidates!

6:41 AM  

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