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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Past Tense

My company is opening up our new shop. It's been an exhausting, fun, captivating thing.
Yesterday I went shopping at a fabricator down the way who's shutting down. He's old, and hurt, and business is bad, and his wife has cancer.
It was hearbreaking.
We walked through this guy's facility looking at welders and forklifts and bandsaws and a thousand other industrial gizmos that he referred to only in the past tense. We did, my guys used, that thing was...
I don't know what went wrong; I have some theories but who cares. I'll probably buy some of his stuff, we'll put it to work and I guess that's how this is supposed to happen. That doesn't make it not suck for this guy and his wife.


Blogger Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Gotta post about cancer on my blog too. A good friend. 40 years old. Makes no sense.

As for who cares? Lots of people do. At least you are saying something about it.

What's your business?

4:03 PM  
Blogger SHANNA said...

you have a heart.... that's what counts. how sad, i am happy that you are doing something!!

9:15 AM  

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