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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthing Class

We went to our birthing class yesterday.
It is stunning how much I didn't know about the process. I took really good notes to keep my mind from wandering, but here were some thoughts that crept past the linebacker of my cognitive impulse control:
--These breathing exercise are just like on TV
--Shannon is in the wrestling down position. Work the half.
--They measure uterine pressure like we measure pressure in the water industry. Is that awesome or gross?
--Oh dear God.
--My wife is the hottest one here. Is "AMILF" a thing?
--What the hell is a doola? Am I a doola?
--I wonder what we'll forget when we go to the hospital.
--I hope Anna likes my dog (and vice versa).
--Breast feeding is awesome.
--That is a lot of blood.
--I bet a vacuum is better than forceps.
--Bill Cosby is really funny.
--How do you time a contraction. I wonder what Shann's 40 time is?
Other than these thoughts I was pretty well on task. This will be my most important coaching job ever. I'm so excited.


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