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Monday, October 06, 2008


There's a kid who used to be on my lacrosse team.
The other night he was out with some friends, walking home from a thing.
A guy came out and demanded their money.
Evan stepped in front of the girls he was with, tried talking down the shooter, helped them get away safely.
He got shot in the shoulder and the hand. I think he'll be OK; I worry for his parents, he'll probably get PTSD, his prognosis is good.
This sounds bizarre, but I think there's one thing that's great about this for Evan:
Lots of times in his life he'll have to decide how much he is. Sometimes knowing the full measure of his humanity will count big; he will be in situations where he needs to be taller than fear.
So he'll have a wicked scar, and PTSD, and he'll probably never be quite the same when people clap, but he'll also know that one time he stood in front of a gun.
Heroes are made in such ways.


Blogger Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Great story.

Ironically (or maybe not so), one of my mentors (you have met him) goes by this same name, and he has modeled this type of fearless behavior in the past. Fortunately, he has not been shot or anything, but I do not doubt that he would gladly step into a similar situation in order to help someone.

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