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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Literally Died...

Shannon and I were driving yesterday and being unbelievable nerds the conversation turned to stuff people say that drive us nuts. I'll start the list, if you read this and want to add on please do.
1. The use of literally when you mean figuratively. Some idiot on ESPN Radio said "He's literally carried the team on his shoulders. He didn't. That's wrong."
2. Varying degrees of unique. My senior english teacher (Tom Graler) brought this to our attention and it's bugged me since.
3. This is specialized but super annoying. In the weight room you get some guy spotting another and saying "it's all you" while helping. That's stupid. Of course it's not all him.
4. The term optics for anything other than the science of the behavior and perception of light. "Obama has an optics problem because of his association with the Illinois Governor." What the hell? No, he has a perception problem, or an appearance problem. I don't know what a pretentious word for douche bag is but that's what I think of when someone uses optics to mean appearance.
5. Wa(r)sh (i.e. George Warshington) Why? Where does Scotch-Irish + Appalachia=Warsh.
6. Dropping infinitives (i.e. The car needs washed). No. It needs to be washed. Maybe it needs washing. Come on.

Which ones bug you?


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