Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Today an intelligent and well degreed man collapsed over my cell phone like a twelve year old who accidentally farts while sitting next to a hot girl in english class.
It made me sad for a minute.
Increasingly, and accidentally, I'm finding myself in a place where I work with guys who know how to bring their A game professionaly and still they don't know how to do life.
The other day I sat in a coffee shop in Suburban Cincinnati sipping hot chocolate and using their wireless internet because it was cold, and I wasn't home, and those things feel more obvious in a hotel room. Next to me were representatives of three thriving churches, all in small groups sipping hot chocolate and planning events that will be awesome and well produced. Something bothered me about that. Blacks and Whites don't talk much in Cincy, but Panera does great business.
I wish I was a better man.


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