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Monday, December 27, 2004

Living a Decision

Increasingly my role is to make binding decisions.
As I advance these decisions are binding on more people, but there is something incredibly profound about even the simplest decision. It is part of what makes us human. Decision making brings about higher stakes than simply giving counsel. Someone's counsel is graded on insightfulness, creativity, innovation, or courage. Decisions are either right or wrong.
When big decisions are reached before God the world is always changed at least a little bit.
Boldly commiting ones will in some direction and doing it before God means that the battle to DO the thing you've decided has pretty much been won.
There is some debate in the business lit right now about "Tactics, Strategy, and Logistics." I contest that the reason for failure in nearly any organization happens before a strategy is put in play, before brilliant tactics are developed to execute the strategy, or before the logistics are laid to go implement those tactics. Failure occurs when we fail to choose.
We suck at decision making, because its scary, and its hard, and we are an increasingly frightened people. Choosing and accepting consequences creates courage and right now, we need decision makers.
This week I'm going to focus on giving decisions the respect they're due.


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