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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Something happened today that pissed me off.
I live about 1/4 of a mile from Kroger. I had to buy Macaroni and Cheese and Resolve carpet cleaner, and since I've had a stressful day at work I figured I would walk.
On my way back this guy runs across traffic yelling, "Hey LC!"
I'm not LC, but he seemed to want to talk to me anyway, so he and I began walking.
He said, "Look at what I found" and pulls out a switch blade, which he proceeds to open.
I was near him, and partly out of nervousness and partly out of reaction I knocked the thing from his hands and picked it up.
He said, "Why did you knock it out of my hands, I was just trying to show you what I found."
I actually bought the thing from him (I didn't want to walk off with it because: a) Maybe he was telling the truth and b) If he perhaps had another weapon I didn't want to incite him. So I did what I do, I negotiated. He actually offered me a necklace as well...he was diversified I guess.
Now I have a ten dollar illegal letter opener and have again turned down jewelery for my wife, but at this point I am not to the point where I'm pissed. Here's what pissed me off.
He says, "Man why don't you trust me...(wait for it) all black people aren't the same."
Blow me.
How dare you suggest that my only motive for not trusting you was race...let me rack my brain for alternative reasons why I might not want to go into business with this guy. While we're at it, what the hell does it mean that "Black people aren't the same" as if my status quo should be a guy with a switchblade.
So that pissed me off.
Anyway, if you need a knife...


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