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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Note: This is a boring entry. I like politics more than the average bear.
Condoleea Rice is a proficient writer. Before she was the NSA she advocated that the prudent position of the United States following the Cold War was to act boldly in its national interest.
Smart people argued that as the lone superpower the US had some role as a steward of the broader human interest. Other smart people shot back that this would create both the impression and in some cases the reality of American imperialism because people like power too much, and countries often act like people with lots of big weapons.
This debate is complex and is vital for the long term viability of the US and the world.

Scott Petersen did something. I saw it on the news.

A Washington think tank recently determined that at this time Hydrogen Fuel cells are not an economically viable technology based not only on the very low prices for fossil fuels, but also the tentative supply channels for such a technology. Innovators shoot back that somewhere in the history of everything that works there was a time when it didn't, and that we can't wait for perfect alternatives to begin modifications. An increasing number of firms are making bold initiatives to increase energy efficiency, yet some indict these moves as half measures. Malthus is pissed we've made it this far, but a lively debate is critical.

Eminem did something. I saw it on the news.

I don't mean to be that dorky Economist-reading- coffee-sipping,-NPR-listening-to-weenie who looks down at the tater-tot-munching-fear-factor-watching-yokel with scorn, I just don't get why in a time when we could have a great debate with experts, and well structured arguments and passion we get O'Reilly v Franken.

Part of the reason is because policy and values have now become opponents.
The news (Even good news) has the temperance of my neighbors dog, so we've all been clearly informed that the Democratic Party is dead. The truth is more complex. It starts with Oedipus and ends with Bush.
I'll write more about this later.


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