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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Recklessness and Truth

People lie too often, and we catch it too rarely.
I've been lied to twice this week by religious leaders. I like Jesus a whole bunch, but these guys are ticking me off.
On Sunday there was a talk on the death penalty. Out of dumb luck one of the examples the pastor used was of a family from Steubenville who "expressed relief at the closure when they chose to put these people to death."
Except they didn't.
The cousin of the murdered family was an old college friend, she and her family met monthly with the convicted murderers to pray for them and try to show them forgiveness. Even when the kids were denying they did it against a mountain of forensic evidence and a video tape of them committing rape and murder the family showed extreme radical grace, and showed up to pray.
And advocate against capital punishment.
Today Focus on the Family called my office. Really. They left me a voice mail. It turns out that Liberals are filibustering qualified Judicial nominees. Why do the Liberals do this...because they're liberal and that's bad.
I googled it. I found the name Orrin Hatch. He was being shouted down in a left biased thing. So I went to source Data. Googled Orrin Hatch/Judicial Nominations. The first two links were to a thing he wrote for the National Review talking about how odious it was that this minority would hold up these nominations against a majority.
The third link was a piece from an online social studies text talking about the use of the filibuster in Senatorial practice. They referred to how the filibuster was effectively used to uphold Clinton judicial nominees or even keep them commitee. The practicioner of this clever parliamentary gambiit--Orrin Hatch.
I still hadn't found out why focus on the family cared. That will be called Recklesness and Truth Part II. I should do work now.


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