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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis is about to be fired, and I'm OK with that because I've been anti Charlie since the beginning but let's be honest.
Charlie struggled for lots of the systemic reasons that will get him fired (lack of discipline, awful defense, fundamental breakdowns, awful defense, etc.)
But that's not the only reason they lost this year. They lost close games because most of their best players were injured down the stretch.
Floyd, Tate, Allen, Rudolph, Clausen and a few others were injured for some or all of the season. I don't have an obvious list but I know there are a few hobbled defensive starters.
What needs to be done eventually should probably be done immediately, so fire the guy, but stop the uninformed pile-on.
A few years ago I actually used Weis as an informal case study in how to lose with talent for my lacrosse players.
Weis lost because his teams were undisciplined and unsound. Herbstreit made a comment during the broadcase of the Stanford game--"These fumbles and offsides penalties are a symptom of the off field distraction." Nope. They happened all year, and have for the past several, and that lack of ability to do things that don't require talent is why ND lost.
I don't have a vote for a replacement, but it's got to be someone like what's described in the Good to Great books--quiet, personally disciplined, hard working, and fundamentally sound.


Blogger Keith W said...

as a south bender and alum of cincy... Brian Kelly!

2:55 PM  
Blogger RA Cook said...

My wife is advocating for our dog Lily. She watches a lot of football, hustles, is very persistent, and is golden colored. I don't know how she would do on recruiting because she doesn't speak english, but she's pretty cute.
She'll work for almost nothing--give her tickets and some stadium dogs--then use the savings to hire first rate assistants.

7:28 PM  

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