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Thursday, June 11, 2009


For the second time in the last few weeks someone espousing traditionally conservative causes has walked into a room and killed people.
I have no idea if this is statistically relevant. It just seems to me there is starting to be a trend.
I'm a pretty conservative guy. I don't smoke, don't get drunk, go to church, I'm crazy about the free market, I own a business, etc. That said I'm seeing increasingly un-wackjob conservative friends believing things that are disconnected with reality. Obama was born in the US. He's not a secret muslim. We don't need to "Get our guns while we still can" etc.
I don't know what right wing talkers and bloggers are saying, but if you get lots of your news from those sources that's cool I guess. Just make sure you're checking stuff against reality. If reputable sources that should hedge in the nut balls are spouting crazy junk, then the nut balls will continue to go nuts in dangerous ways.
I read a book about the US during the early Kennedy Administration and that's what this feels like to me. I'm a little scared.


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